The Different Country Gives The Different Meaning To Jasminum Sambac

Similar to Phalaenopsis amabilis, Jasminum sambac is one of the national flowers in your country, Indonesia. People love to come to this country because of the beauty of the nature. Many companies take its advantages such as to be used as one of the natural ingredients of the certain product. Do you know Philippines? In this country, this flower also has become the national flower since 1934. This flower has the meaning especially in the Indonesian culture. I do not know why Indonesians use it as the symbol of purity, simple elegance and sincerity.

In China, this flower is used as the mixing ingredient of tea. On the other hand, it becomes the theme of the folk song Mo Li Hua. In other countries such as in Hawaii, people like to make necklace series fragrant flowers typical of Hawaii called lei. Some people in Indonesia use this flower for medication, which can attack some healthy problems.


National Flower In Indonesia

Many people are excited in planting various kind of flower based on their desire. If you want to plant Phalaenopsis amabilis, here is what you need to know first. Commonly, Phalaenopsis amabilis is known as the moth orchid. It is a species of orchid. This was first discovered on a small island by the botaniest, Dr. C.L. Blume. This flower is also well known as the national flower of Indonesia. In fact, this plant is wide-spread in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Australia. To survive, this plant needs the little sunshine.

We can also find this flower in China. In this country, it stands for refinement, perfection, friendship, and noble. When you want to plant this flower, it would be better to ask professional person in planting this plant. Due to it live by attaching to the trunk or branches of a tree, you should make sure that you have a right tree for the growth of this flower.


The Amazing Facts About Rafflessia Arnoldi

Do you know what the world's largest flower? The answer is Raflesia Arnoldi. Generally, this flower is about three feet around as well as visible in the full bloom. This flower was found in Indonesia in 1818. Some have seen it while others just know it from the picture and articles. There are some interesting facts about Rafflesia. To blooming, it takes about nine months for the flower. It also only last for a week. If you want to see it, there is no a good way than coming to Indonesia and visit the exact location of this flower. As Indonesian, we are sure that you know if this flower is well known as national flower in your country. The name Rafflessia is given to this plant based on the name of botanist, Thomas Stamford Raffles.

Believe it or not, there are about fifteen species of the Rafflesia in the world that are able to find in Indonesia. It means that we can find the different species of Rafflesia when coming to Indonesia. If you have a curiosity, then you can come to Indonesia during spending Holiday. Reading this article means you enrich your knowledge. Important to know, this flower is the rare plant because it takes long time to flower. Can you wait for about 2 years to see this plant flowers? If you want to see its beauty, we suggest you to know when it will flower. So, when you come to Indonesia, you will not miss the best moment of its flowering.

Apart from to be the world's biggest flower, Raflesia Arnoldi possesses unconventional features. Unlike most flowers worldwide, this does not have roots, stems, and foliage. When you smell this flower in the morning, sure, you will not like it. Why? This is the time where this flower has more stinging stench. I do not know why I have a fear to see this flower.