How can you not be tempted ! 

Beer Tent

  • Shotgun Betty Hefeweizen
  • Sweet Josie Brown Ale
  • Peacemaker Pale Ale
  • The Hops You Rode In On Session IPA
  • Addie's Revenge IPA
  • and much much more ....


This year's list coming soon. Just to give you an idea of 2014 list, take a look at the list below. 


2014 List of Casks

  • Jalapeno Peacemaker
  • Chocolate Chipotle Sweet Josie
  • Lemon Zest Peacemaker
  • Citra Dry Hopped Peacemaker
  • Citra Dry Hopped Addie's Revenge
  • Coconut Sweet Josie
  • Oak Aged Addie's Revenge
  • Dry Hopped Amber
  • Lemon Zest Shogun Betty
  • Willamette Dry Hopped Amber
  • Oak Aged Addies Revenge
  • Chocolate and Chipotle Sweet Josie



Tickets go on sale February 6th.