About the Competition

The Best of Show winning beer of this competition will be brewed, under the homebrewer’s strict supervision, at our brewery and sold commercially by Lonerider at the brewery. The Lonerider “Brew it Forward” competition is a sanctioned BJCP competition, and there are some restrictions that apply to the entered beer and applicant, as described in the following paragraphs. We look forward to tasting your entry!!

Who can enter?

The Lonerider “Brew it Forward” competition is open to all amateur homebrewers, 21 years of age or older. Registration is restricted to residents of North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC which is Lonerider’s distribution area. Please, no professional brewers or Lonerider employees and their immediate family members.

If multiple brewers produced any of the brews to be entered, a separate registration must be made for each unique set of brewers. The registration must include contact data for at least one of the brewers. Additionally, completing the Brewer’s Team Name field on the registration form is mandatory if there was more than one person who participated in producing the brew. For multiple brewers, the flight awards and BOS prize will be presented to the named team, not the point of contact or the members of the team. For the single brewer case, the point of contact and brewer are the same and the Brewer’s Team Name field will be ignored.


What about the beer?

Any beer can be entered in this competition, as long as it meets the criteria described in this section:

  • Lonerider must be able to brew your beer (grain to glass) in no more than four weeks.
  • Lonerider is limited to Wyeast Laboratories’ professional beer yeast strains as described in:http://www.wyeastlab.com/com_b_yeaststrain.cfm. Wild yeast, brettanomyces, lactobacillus, bacteria, etc. cannot be used.   (Lactic acid may be used).  Homebrewers should pick yeast that very closely matches the allowed professions yeast.
  • Hops are limited to pellet form, but there are no restrictions on hop variety. If a certain hop variety is not available at the time the winning beer is brewed at Lonerider, then the homebrewer must pick a substitute hop variety.
  • There are no restrictions on malt. However, home smoked/toasted/roasted malts are not permitted.
  • Spices and flavorings are permitted. Aging on wood chips is permitted, but barrel-aging is not.
  • Entries must be brewed at home from start to finish on a non-professional, homebrewing system.  Beer brewed in a commercial brewery or a brew-on-premises facility (BOP) is not allowed.  Fresh malt extract from a brewery is not acceptable.
  • Dry or liquid extract intended for homebrewing is acceptable.
  • The alcohol cap is 8% ABV.
  • A single-temperature infusion mash must be used.
  • Beer must be able to be reproduced in a large quantity. Homebrewers should keep meticulous notes.
  • Beer entries falling outside these restrictions or otherwise not suitable for production at Lonerider Brewing Company may be disqualified and the entry fee promptly returned.  The actual beers will not be returned.
  • Each entry must be delivered with its completed recipe form (available on the beer registration page). Entries without a recipe cannot be selected as the BOS winner.

The fine print:

The Lonerider “Brew it Forward” competition is a “most drinkable beer” competition, and as such, entries will not be judged according to BJCP guidelines. However, entries will be evaluated, by a panel of BJCP-trained beer judges and industry professionals, based on drinkability and the absence of brewing, fermentation, and handling flaws. BJCP score sheets will be returned to entrants after the competition. Lonerider reserves the right to organize the entries into groups, at its discretion, for evaluation and awards.

Lonerider Brewing Company, will take the Best of Show winning recipe and reproduce, as faithful as possible to the original recipe, on a professional scale with the help of the homebrewer. By entering the contest the winning homebrewer agrees to disclose their complete recipe to Lonerider Brewing Company and grant Lonerider Brewing Company all commercial and intellectual property rights to the winning beer. The winning homebrewer may also elect to grant permission to Lonerider Brewing Company and its agencies to use their name, likeness, picture, signature, voice, audio and video recordings and biographical information in any manner or media whatsoever (whether now known or hereafter devised) anywhere in the world in perpetuity for the purpose of advertising and trade, without further compensation, unless prohibited by law.

All entries, associated recipes, and payment in full must be received by the date specified below. This deadline applies to every entrant, without exceptions. Late deliveries will not be returned. This procedure will allow us to conclude the competition in one day and better assure quality control.

Registration will be limited to the first 200 entries. Once this limit is achieved, registration will be cut off and no further entries will be accepted.