To clarify certain points

Per the feedback we have received, we would like to clarify a couple of points:

  • The $6 per entry that we will collect will be used in organization of the event. This also allows submitting brewers complimentary entrance into the event.
  • We keep none of the profits from the first batch brewed for sale. 1/3 goes to the winning entry, 2/3 will be given to non-profits.


Give me the short and sweet version

We highly recommend reading details below, as rules and regulations cannot be summarized. But for the casual reader, here is a condensed version of Brew It Forward:

  • Competition aims to promote the craft of home brewing
  • Number of entries limited to 200 total. And 4 per entrant
  • Please read details for rules and regulations
  • Registration Begins: June 30th
  • Registration Ends: August 28th
  • Award Ceremony: September 12th
  • Judging will be done on: September 12th - Award ceremony will be open to public. (RSVP Link Coming Soon...)
  • Festival is open to NC, MD, VA, TN, DC, SC & GA Amateur Brewers
  • The winnings (net profits from sale of first batch, after recovering our costs) will be equally     divided between the winning entry, and Charities
  • We sincerely hope you participate